MODUL 35 is a gallery dedicated to photography


The Photo Gallery Modul 35 is an independent showroom for photography focusing on high quality works and photo projects from local, national and international photographers. The gallery will be a space for photo-based projects from contribiturs with practice as artists, and an opportunity for photographers from documentary, commercial and editorial backgrounds to exhibit personal projects in a free art context.

Modul 35 opened 9th June 2017 and is based in Trondheim, initiated and run by The Norwegian School of Photography.

The Module

The photo gallery is built as a transportable module of 35 square meters, designed to make use of temporarily available spaces in the city. TMV Odden and the square outside DNB on Solsiden is the first landing point for the gallery and it is currently relocating. New location to be announced.

The module was built by the artist project Art Hotel Norway and designed by the artist Erlend Leirdal in 2014. The building is characterized by a playful mix of traditional and experimental use of wood that forms an original gallery room. A large window invites you to see the art also outside the opening hours.

The Norwegian School of Photography bought the module in 2017 and founded the photo gallery Modul 35.


Modul 35 shows exhibitions in collaboration with the artists. The program will be released half yearly and will be set by the program committee.

How to apply

For the moment we are not processing any new applications due to the relocation.