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Kristine Wathne - Mania


Kristine Wathne shows a huge dedication to her projects and is in constant prossess, she is a unique photographer that we will be able to discover on Module 35 with the project, Mania. Where she, like her objects, has become a collector in search of the image she is missing.

The work of the Mania series began in June 2015 and has been in process and growth until 2017. Driven by an enthusiasm for collectors and originals, she has read through local newspapers, received tips from close and well-known neighbors looking for atypical people from all over Norway, each with their own fascination and collection of items.

With a desire to live in a community with the room for originality, she has chosen to portray these people who live in a society that is otherwise characterized by similarity and conformity. Photographed with a flash, in a direct, unmistakable way, Kristine has documented collections, homes and surroundings. The project has developed to emphasize the mania as a lifestyle. These collectors not only have closets or shelves dedicated to their collection, but have devoted their entire home and life to their facination.

Kristine graduated from Art Photography at the Norwegian School of Photography in 2016 and is currently a student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Trondheim. She has already received much attention for her work. Here are some of the places she has been published:

  • VICE: Mania (US / SE)
  • VICE Creators: Brain Beauty / Skulls Exposed / Eat / Repeat
  • PYLOT Magazine: Exclusive instagram story
  • Visceral8: Brain Cooler
  • Bird in Flight: Mania
  • Self Publish Be Happy: Campfire Story For One
  • Trip-Mag: Mania / Sad Shoppers
  • Portfolio Spotlight
  • Website: Kristine Wathne

The last edition of the book, Mania, is for sale in the gallery.


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