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Helge Skodvin - 'A Jungle Out There


Helge Skodvin has established himself as one of Norway's leading photographers for magazines, newspapers and publishers. But not least, with its thorough and long-term personal projects like 240 Landscapes and A Movable Beast. With his latest project 'A Jungle Out There he shows his new collection of 'animals'

The arts database has registered 28 417 species in Norway. 'A Jungle Out There is an attempt to document an alternative and expanded Norwegian fauna. A wildlife found in the midst of us. Where we are and where we live. In cities, in gardens, along the road, at the mall, in the suburbs. A zoological low-threshold offer. An attempt to document how it looks in the country in which we live. How the landscape we live in every day looks like. The common.

Helge Skodvin is born in Bergen where he still lives. He has published several books, and has been nominated for the Leica Oskar Barnack Award and the Magnum Photography Award. Helge is a member of Moment Agency and represented by Institue Artist